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November 2020 - Delivery!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

After the flurry of activity during the autumn, November brings a period of calm to the vineyard. With all the grapes harvested, the vineyard is left to itself till the new year, when preparation for spring begins. Despite that we have still been busy here over this month, sorting out sales, Christmas wine tastings, and deliveries.

Deliveries? Yes, you heard right, we now are able to do deliveries all across the UK, and what’s more, its free! Simply pop over to the store page on the top, to make an order now. A case or two of our wine makes for an excellent Christmas gift, especially our Sparkling Cuvée.

If a box of wine is not enough, why not give the ones you love a truly memorable experience, with one of our new wine tasting gift cards. Enjoy as a member of the family gives you a personal tour of the vineyard (weather dependant) followed a sampling of our award-winning wines, with our sparkling available as an optional extra. It’s a great gift for those both knowledgeable and new to wine and viticulture, showing how wine is made in the beautiful Cotswolds area.

For people local to the area, you may notice a number of local farm shops stocking our wines over the next couple months. We believe now, more than ever, it is important to support local shops and produce. So, if you see one, pop a bottle in your basket. You won’t regret it.

Its been a shorter blog this month with the vineyard devoid of activity, but we’ll be sure to make it up to you in the new year. Thank you for your continued support, and have a Merry Christmas

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