Tours & Tastings

Book a fun and informative Vineyard Tour and Wine Tasting at Deer Park Wines at our stunning Stag Oak vineyard.

You will walk through the beautiful vineyard bordered by our deer park and lake where you will learn all about growing grapes for wine.

You will then make your way up to Deer Park Hall for a delicious wine tasting. Drinks will be served in our Bredon Room, Gardens or Oak Pavilion dependant on the weather.

Prices start at £25 per person for a Grape-to-Glass Vineyard Tour and wine tasting with 3 wines

or £35 per person for a Classic Vineyard Tour and wine tasting with 3 wines and our celebration Classic Cuvée Sparkling Wine

For larger group bookings please contact us via -
Telephone - 07795566966

Email - wines@deerparkhall.co.uk